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Protest Songs from Brazil

Protest Songs from Brazil

As an universal art form with the power to synthesize the perception of reality and speak to the masses , music plays a fundamental role in the worl’ds political and social context, promoting a new angle of vision if compared to your standard media news, made trivial by its dull frequency.

Music has the power not only to enchant, but to awaken the most diverse feelings, including that of revolt, with the power to promote a change in a social framework and to mobilize generations.

In  Brazil, during the Military Regime, the youth rose and promoted a movement of rupture in musical traditionalism that would be marked in history. The radicalization of the lyrics clashed with the regime’s censorship, incited reflection, fought the alienation of people and the aging music scene, wich was still clinging to the skirts of an archaic Brazil.

It is important not to forget the transformative power of art, specially in difficult times like these. Therefore, we prepared for you this Playlist:

Protest Songs !!



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