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Documentary on Billie Holliday

Documentary on Billie Holliday's life and career is the story of one of the greatest jazz singers of all times.   https://youtu.be/wiEcL372LD0

Selarón’s world

The convent’s staircase It is difficult to find in Rio anyone who knows the Convent’s Traircase, but if you ask for Selarón’s Staircase, someone will...

So close, so far: love and sex during the pandemic

Antônio , a twenty-five-year-old Portuguese friend, tells me with conviction, that never before has he experienced such a healthy and lasting relationship. Every day,...

The Fortune Teller’s Tale

Of the hundreds of posters announcing diviners and fortune tellers on Rio's walls and light poles, several point to this address in Copacabana. At the...

Protest Songs from Brazil

As an universal art form with the power to synthesize the perception of reality and speak to the masses , music plays a fundamental...

Back in the days of cigarettes

If by chance on that Thursday afternoon, after having felt a sudden and inexplicable urge to smoke a cigarette, Otávio had bought a pack...

Subversive Black

Subversive Black A decade before funk carioca started to crawl, soul invaded clubs in the city's suburbs. It was the time of the sound...

Cartola and the Rebirth of Samba

A história de Cartola e do renascimento do samba